Recovery Programmes

Our programmes are designed specifically for each client’s needs, accessible to people of all ages, nationalities, cultures and beliefs.


Our focus and attention is solely on you and your recovery.


At Inner Light Marbella we believe in you.


14 day Programmes

(from 8.500€ + IVA)



60 & 90 day Programmes
(if you have more time,

these are great)



21 day Programmes

(from 10.000€ + IVA)



Half Way House &

 Sober Living Programme

(Price Upon Request)



28 day Programmes

(from 12.500€ + IVA)



Transition, Integration & Life Coaching Programmes


Remember, just because you hit bottom

doesn’t mean you have to stay there

(Robert Downey Jr)


Michael (UK)

"When I arrived at Inner Light I was not in a good way. I was drinking heavily, daily and using cocaine most days. I had gone beyond will-power and the constant torment and beating myself up about my behaviour had become too much. I also had a health scare so I knew I needed help. My liver was in a bad way."


"When I arrived I was welcomed into a relaxed and very friendly environment that was exactly what I needed. The principles of recovery including big book study led by Mauri opened my mind to a clearer future without drinking and using."

"Over time the study sessions, meditation and yoga all came together to show me an enriched, calmer, more successful and spiritual future without seeking oblivion and avoiding responsibility."

"The habitual refusal to admit my failings and blame everyone before me started to come into focus and the learnings and tools I gained enabled me to make positive and real Life changes."


"As I write this I am 50 days clean and dry. I had previously thought this would be impossible and it would have been without the amazing team and unique approach they have to recovery including the amazing location set in the heart of Nature."


"I am truly grateful to Inner Light Marbella and especially to Matthew and Mauri."


"I am looking forward to visiting them all again but this time not as a dishevelled addict and a wreck of a man.


Thanks Guys 


God bless"

Natalie (Finland)

"I'm 18 months clean & sober as I write this, which is a miracle for someone like me."


"If it wasn't for Inner Light Marbella I think I would be dead. My issues were Heroine, Cocaine, marijuana and alcohol."

"I went to various rehabs, tried everything and nothing worked for me. I had previously been at a rehab for 2 months, luckily I heard of Inner Light Marbella.

I engaged in a long term Recovery Programme, followed by a Sober Living Programme. This was the best decision for me. I love nature and Inner Light is based in Nature which made the recovery process easier."


"I attended all classes from Big Book Study with Mauri to Yoga & Meditation with Ivana. I took full advantage and can proudly say I never missed a class."

"Thank You to Mauri, Mathew & Ivana for the Love, patience and understanding they showed me. I will always be grateful for what you have done for me.

I will visit you whenever I am in Spain."


"To anyone who is looking for Help from the nightmare of drink & drugs, this place offers real solution, a Spiritual Solution, they won't waste your time and will be 100% honest with you. I highly recommend it!"

Patricia (Marbella/Spain)

"In my recovery I have struggled with the connection to my HP/or that which I believe is GOD consciousness. This I had experienced earlier in my recovery."


"Attending AA meetings regularly, working daily with my wonderful sponsor. I had to surrender to my innermost self. I was trudging through 20 months of the ‘bondage of self’ which had come to nil. I was living life fighting my own mind, constantly trying to escape the inertia of the defects of my character. Trapped with fears of daily life and that I would not re - connect with that ethereal feeling inside me I had been touched by years ago."


"I made a decision to initiate, through an intense 28 day guided study programme, to learn the truth essence/the message of ‘The Big Book’ (compelled to absorb Step 11) with Mauri, a true seeker within this realm of spiritual consciousness."


"Today I leave with a new awareness, an open heart, a calm mind, inspired, fearless, on a quest to seek conscious contact with the spirit of the universe."


"A new awareness has awoken deep within once more to a new realization of being. I stand in the sunlight of the spirit once again."


"I especially thank Matthew and Mauri, to each and everyone of you at Inner Light Marbella, for the guidance, authentic understanding, helping me feel truly safe, for your friendship, love and the patience you have showered upon me."


I love this from Mauri 'leave your mind behind'


"I leave you with part of this poem which is my favourite:"


‘I want to know what sustains you, from the inside, when all else falls away. 

I want to know if you can be alone with yourself and if you truly like the company you keep in the empty moments.'

Chris (Denmark)

"I relapsed after almost 4 years of sobriety. Some friends decided to take me to Inner Light Marbella and attend a 10 day Programme. I extended this and stayed 28 days."

"I was in a bad state and had to spend 3 nights in a hospital de-toxing. I was full of fear, resentment, anxiety and depression."

"The staff at Inner Light Marbella saw me as me, and made an individual intensive programme so I could start working on myself."

"I attended all the Yoga, meditation & breath-work classes with Ivana (I had never done Yoga or meditation, but I was ok as a beginner). I walked around the residence, the river, the vegetable farm; I fed the chickens, picked eggs, lettuce, lemons and oranges. This experience with nature was beautiful, as I had never looked at nature in my life."

"I went through the Big Book with Mauri within 10 days and slowly became more aware of myself.
I leave with a new perspective on Life and with hope for the future. I learnt a lot about myself, my life and especially about the things I need to change."

"Thank you Inner Light Marbella for giving me the chance to get my life back on track and for getting my son back."

Paul (Sweden)

"My name is Paul and I am from Sweden. I met Mauri & Matthew in a 12 Step meeting, they are really nice and friendly people. Straight from their heart they helped me to stop using drugs. I decided to attend a 28 day programme at their recovery residence. It was good for me to able to focus 100% on doing the programme with Mauri, and at the same time enjoy the amazing nature, a hidden oasis which I love. You get to pick grapes, lemons, fresh eggs at the barn, almonds, figs, help out, etc. This space is perfect for meditation or simply to just relax and focus on recovery. I enjoyed swimming in the pools, biking, mountain walks, early sunrise contemplation, etc."


"The yoga classes where amazing to start off the day. They have all levels and even though I am a beginner, I didn’t have any problems. Thank you Corrie for teaching me, I am now joining a yoga centre where I go 4 times a week. The breath work/meditation with Ivana was splendid; it showed me where I can improve, and how important breathing is."


"Thanks to all the staff at Inner Light Marbella, Maria for the food, all the animals at the residence and especially to Mauri & Matthew for showing me not only a new way of Life, but the right path to walk on this earth. I leave open minded, more aware and willing to continue. I will definitely be back to visit. Sending you all much Love my dear friends and wishing you always the very best, you deserve it."


"Coming from some extremely dark times in my life and having just completed 2 months in a rehab, I was still nervous and unsure with what life had to offer me. After leaving rehab, I worked extensively with Mauri from Inner Light Marbella (every day for 6 weeks). He has helped me tremendously in many aspects of life and I am very grateful."


"Mauri has an incredible outlook on life, and with his wisdom and experience will be able to show many others like myself that there is a way out of addiction. A way to live a life with a peaceful mind, which manifests into every other aspect of life. In turn making living a happy life with endless possibilities entirely possible and probable."


"Hi Mauri. I just wanted to send you a quick note. You have been an absolute blessing to me. You came at a time when i was questioning everything in my life, my purpose and the meaning of life. Your profound knowledge of spiritual practices and intuitive recognition of Truth and how you have explained it in a simple easy to apply way has had a profound effect in my life. I have recovered from a seemingly hopeless state of mind, body and spirit, to extend and express this wisdom to others. Waking up from the illusion of hopelessness and smallness to carry a message of love and unlimitedness into life. This unselfish sharing has and will have a profound effect on the World and how the human race views itself in the future. All of which is happening now."


"Thanks for your kindness and I suggest to anyone looking for freedom that they most definitely seek and source your guidance. You are a miracle my friend, and from that light you are lighting the world."

Bruce (Melbourne/Australia)

"Hi Mauri, just wanted to thank you for all you have done for me. Just over 2 years have passed since you came into my life. I was broken and suicidal when I arrived in Bali. Today, I am happy and live an abundant life. I have over 2 years of continued sobriety, which really is a miracle."


"Within a short time of attending meetings, I realised you had something I wanted and so my journey began. You are amazing and have taught me so much. Your approach to everything is so simple and if you follow the path good things start coming."


"You have been my inspiration throughout my recovery and your messages always keep me on track. Your spiritual and humble ways have helped me be the person I am today. I am very grateful for all the support my friend."

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