About Us

Inner Light Marbella was founded by 2 child hood friends, Mauri Salem & Matthew Donovan. This project was created to provide affordable and effective life changing recovery programmes to all who have an honest desire to change their lives.


Our team is made up by a family of friends with international backgrounds, who have recovered from a variety of addictions including alcohol, drugs and co-dependence.


We have known each other for many years, have worked for treatment centres/rehabs, some of us have also been their clients. We have real life experience concerning drug addiction & alcoholism.


Our purpose, is to help those suffering from addiction find the solution we have found; a spiritual awakening as the result of a specific course of action. The Truth does set you free.


At Inner Light Marbella we would like to pass on to you, what has worked for us. We provide you with the tools and solutions you need to transform yourself, in order to live happy, joyous & free lives.


Our intention is to help you get well as quickly as possible, so that you can achieve emotional balance, inner peace and mental clarity. The start of your journey into recovery is our priority.


Alcoholism & drug addiction are very serious, life threatening, progressive illnesses. Everyone in our team is very aware of this, as we have also been where you are and have suffered it within our own families too. We know about the pain and depression generated by substance abuse, more importantly, we know the way out.


There comes a time in life, when we realise that change is possible and necessary if we are to recreate our lives. This is what we offer, “A New Way of Life”, so that you can leave behind all that no longer serves you and move on, focusing on your recovery, living life in the Here & NOW.


Get to know some of us, let us guide you to a life infinitely better.

Mauri Salem

Recovery Mentor & Founder

Matthew Donovan

Operations Director & Founder

Ivana Salvatto

Wellness, Healing & Spiritual Advisor

Dra. Paula Moreno


Lynn Gruwez


Richard Cruz

Psychotherapist & Sex Therapist

Dr. Charles Triay


Advisor & Mentor

Lesley Jayne Riley


Alice Dill Prasetyoko



Therapeutic Healing & Yoga

Nicklas Ljunggren

Recovery Support




Fitness Coach

Eli Avramova

Massage Therapies & Beauty Expert


Kitchen & Housekeeping


Finca Maintenance

Emily & Versace

Equine Therapy

Munay & Sombrita

Zen Masters


Chanting Specialist

Bom Bom

Teaches Vipassana

Your own self-realization is the greatest service you can render the World.

(Ramana Maharshi)

Contact Us


Phone: +34 604 18 81 84 [also on Whatsapp]

Phone: +34 619 96 22 66 [also on Whatsapp]

E-mail: innerlightmarbella@gmail.com