Inner Light Marbella

for a new way of life

Inner Light Marbella is an Addiction Recovery Residence/Sober Living Community that provides support, care and guidance For a New Way of Life, free from addictions such as alcohol and drugs.


Our unique Recovery Home is located on a private 17 hectare Nature Reserve area 25 min from Marbella, Southern Spain.


We offer effective and affordable personalized recovery programmes for long term success.


We would like to make it clear that we are not a rehab, our approach and what we do is different. We don’t take your phone off you, neither do you have to participate in any activity you don’t want to. You are also free to leave any time you wish.


The point of coming to our Recovery Home and engaging in one of our recovery programmes is to let us help you get well.


We offer a wide variety of experiences, so that when you leave us, you have a solid foundation that you can build on.


We only accept a small number of guests at any one time, this is to ensure best individual care, comfort and privacy.


Rest, relax and recover in the luxury of Nature.

The greatest barrier to consciousness is
the belief that one is already conscious

(P. D. Ouspensky)

The goal of meditation isn't to control

your thoughts, it's to stop letting

them control you

(Dan Millman)

Silence is also conversation
(Ramana Maharshi)

Respect yourself enough to walk away from anything that no longer grows you

(Robert Tew)

Contact Us


Phone: +34 604 18 81 84 [also on Whatsapp]

Phone: +34 619 96 22 66 [also on Whatsapp]